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Retro – such an overused word – but sometimes it is the only one that will work. In this particular case it applies to Mid-Century Modern Furniture – as in the 20th century.  And, yeah, as a baby-boomer, I was there for it the first time.

But, who knew then, that the series Mad Men and  Mid-Century Modern would become marketing descriptor du jour. Another nod to  Mid-Century Modern is that it is minimalistic and that the amount of hardwood consumed, even in mass production for knock off furniture, paneling and screens, is minimal thereby leaving plenty of Walnut trees – the specie in demand – for Baklava lovers and for manufacturers of hardwood flooring.

Heppner Hardwoods is serving-up our homage to Mid-Century Modern, with a nod to post-modern, by offering our new Solid Flooring: Gen X Walnut.

Just as the designs of Mid-Century Modern were conceived for the smaller post-war homes, we have proportionalized our Gen X Walnut Flooring to the same scale.  So too is the pricing, Gen X with its attractive price points will have broad appeal to the Millennials.

Available Solid & Unfinished

  • 16mm x 120mm (5/8″ x 4-3/4″) Tongue and Groove, End Matched
  • 16mm x 150mm (5/8″ x 6″) Tongue and Groove, End Matched
  • 16mm x 190mm (5/8″ x 7-1/2″) Tongue and Groove, End Matched

The beauty of this uncommon walnut is that the logs are turned by hand and cut for aesthetics. These logs bypass the high tech computerized systems that cut for maximum yield. Instead these logs are visually selected and processed for their beauty. In every plank of Gen X flooring there will be 90% or more heart content with a range of features from bird pecks, dormant grub holes, and knots from small branches.

Typical, to being in the here-and-now while a “period” is becoming iconic, I had little appreciation for the Mid-Century Modern furniture of my childhood.  To be sure, your Walnut Gen X floor may never be iconic or have its own Wikipedia Page, but it will be 21st Century Chic for a very long time. With all the attribute and distinctions available; scrape, pillowed-edge, color, top coat, sheen to name a few, your floor can stand the test of time. Sourcing a floor from Heppner Hardwoods means it is custom from inception, not customized after the fact.

Made custom from scratch. Not out of a box.

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