Santos Mahogany


Random Santos Mahogany (Thumbnail)Santos Mahogany Myroxylon Balsamum: Will reach 100′ tall, with a diameter of 4′. Heppner Hardwoods, Inc. is a direct importer of the sub specie Estoraque from a single source rainforest of Peru, which has been certified by Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and complies with the Lacey Act. The lumber planks are available up to 12” wide and 16’ long.

Distribution: Central and South America

General Characteristics: Despite its name, Santos Mahogany is not really related to true Mahogany even though it has a Mahogany-like appearance. Santos mahogany  is  much denser, harder and stronger than true Mahogany. As a side note the trees are used in the production of the substance called Balsam of Peru, used as a fragrance in perfumes. Some common uses of the wood include: flooring, furniture, interior trim, and heavy construction.

Hardness/Janka: 2200 (71% percent harder Red Oak)

Grain: The grain is interlocked, usually with a stripped figuring. The texture is medium to fine with open, medium-sized pores. Quarter sawn shows as a striped or ribbon pattern.

Variations Within Species and Grades: There is a fair degree of color variation between the sapwood and the heartwood.The sapwood of the Santos is light brown while the heartwood is dark reddish-brown and varies to dark purple-brown. This variation  from board to board, ranging from a lighter golden brown to a darker purplish red/burgundy is a delightful hue and is a beautiful backdrop for any room. With time, the color becomes darker and somewhat purplish brown.