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FAS and Certified Hardwood Lumber

When Heppner Hardwoods purchased our five-acre plot back in 1984 we didn’t know that being located in Azusa would be so prophetic. AZUSA as an acronym is for everything from A to Z in the USA, which is synonymous with our standing inventory, from Alder to Zebrawood.

As a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association for over twenty-five years, we support and adhere to their measurement and grading rules. Our NHLA trained inspectors/order men apply these rules on every order we ship. Our lumber expertise is also applied to purchasing. We source from around the world to access the best nature has to offer. We respect and partner with sawmills and our clients to balance the species produced with the actual demand for their woodworking projects.

European White OakEuropean White Oak



Santos MahoganySantos Mahogany


Burmese TeakTeak JatobaJatoba ZebrawoodZebrawood

African MahoganyAfrican Mahogany

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