Hiawatha: Mixed Grain White Oak

“Nature does nothing in vain.”

To that point: Heppner Hardwoods HH-300’s Euro Cut White Oak series beautifully exhibits the various ecological systems of Michigan’s upper peninsula. Perhaps it is the ghost of Hiawatha along with the region’s elements that contribute to the beautiful naturally fumed lumber. The wildlife, shallow rocky soils, extensive swamps and generations of slash-dead branches, leaves and wood are fuel to the exchange of tannins that leach back and forth from soil to flora. This – secret sauce fuming – is why Hiawatha so closely equates to the same color/tone of French Oak.

Now Promoting: Flat sawn Hiawatha Flooring; which displays the same fumy tone in the Flat Sawn White Oak lumber as found in the Euro Cut White Oak. You can be assured that each board will receive the same hands-on custom manufacturing that you have come to expect. Can be formatted to the substrate of your choice.

Mixed Grain White Oak Character

Hiawatha Brand Special Offering

  • Eng Mixed Grain Character White Oak 7″, End-Matched, Long Lengths 2′ to 10’+ (Avg. 6′)
  • Eng Mixed Grain Select White Oak 7″, End Matched, Long Lengths 2′ to 10’+ (Avg. 6)
  • Eng Mixed Grain Character White Oak 6″, End Matched, Long Lengths 2′ to 10’+ (Avg. 6)

How did we turn timberland into a brand? By capturing the synergy between soil and flora. This is Nature’s business- to be sure- but it is the specificity of harvesting practices and the unique ecosystem found only in the Land of Hiawatha.


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