Hardwood Decking

Heppner Hardwoods, Inc. has obtained the harvest of  100% green and sustainable Cumaru.  The kiln dried Cumaru lumber will be direct shipped from Peru into the Port of Los Angeles. There will be a steady rotation of 20,000 bf of lumber as well as decking material on site, available for the projects of your environmentally conscious client.

Cumaru  specifications:

  • Kiln dried at 9% moisture content 4/4 – 5/4             
  • Random Length 7’ – 19’
  • Lumber Grade Select and Better
  • Decking Well Manufactured at 4/4 – 8/4                                      
  • Janka Scale Hardness 3550
  • Naturally Class A fire rated                                 
  • Resistant to decay, fungi, termites

Cumaru, sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak is only slightly softer than Ipe. The advantage of being 20% less expensive than Ipe, and as a low maintenance, high termite resistant, impermeable surface as well as high Janka ranking,  has made Cumaru popular for exterior commercial applications such as decking and siding.  Additionally, another advantage of Cumaru over Ipe, is that color is more consistent, with a rich honeyed  hue.  The A and D community are discovering that due to the high shock resistance of Cumaru, the kids, dogs and even guests in high heeled pumps can cohabitate.  Now, with  the availability of both  kiln dried Cumaru lumber & Cumaru decking you can blur the boundaries of interior and exterior, as this timber is equally beautiful indoors and outdoors. While you are entertaining and relaxing in your haven, you can do so guilt free as our offering of Cumaru has been harvested, processed and kiln dried within strict biodiversity guidelines. Brent Heppner, Heppner Hardwoods COO, personally visited the sawmill in the Amazon Rainforest.  From the forest and all through the operations Brent saw best practices in play. The  integrity of the certification process along with the documentation for the chain of custody (COC) & certified by Rainforest Alliance or other accredited NGO you are assured that responsible is part of the Heppner culture when it comes to global  humanity and  environmental sustainability.

Contact a Heppner sales representative today to learn how to turn inspiration into a rooftop oasis, outdoor kitchen, veranda, outdoor spiral staircase, pagoda garden, portable dance floor, one of a kind entrance doors, windows and oh yes, decks.


Download our Installation and Maintenance Recommendations by clicking on the link below

Hardwood Decking Installation & Maintenance Recommendations