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The British are coming, the British are coming! The demographic significance  of London based Carluccio’s Restaurant’s expansion  across the pond to locate at 100 King Street in Alexandria, VA is not without irony.

Consider this; An Italian born chef  goes to London to learn English and wholesale Italian wine, along the way he gets knighted by Queen Elizabeth II and earns OMRI, the Italian version of knighthood AKA, The Godfather of Cookery, builds his Carluccio brand (over 80 locations in the UK alone) and then decides to re-colonize America  with the opening of his first Italian restaurant. But, he doesn’t just choose any town in which to showcase his authentic cuisine, he chooses old town Alexandria, favored by King George III for being “commodious for trade”.  Rich with pre-revolutionary history, it has been tagged a museum without walls; the brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets harken back to British Monarchy with street names such as King, Duke, Prince and Princess.

Lot 51 Alexandria Virginia

Lot 51, at the corner of 100 King and Water was originally purchased in 1749 by Lawrence Washington, George Washington’s half brother

Carluccio's America

Artist’s Rendering

Again, the irony occurs when California based manufacturer Heppner Hardwoods Inc flooring was specified  for the “new” Carluccio’s in America. We were tasked with replicating The Ole World look of the antique and smoked French hardwood flooring favored by Uk Architectural firm, DesignLSM Limited.

When Dave Johnson of Maryland based CB Flooring LLC contacted Lorraine Heppner last year, it was with the design paradoxical,  “They are trying to match wood used in London, want historic look for new restaurant in VA.”

Architectural Firm Studio3877 approved HH-305 for the “historical look.”  The grand opening occurred June 3rd this year.  Two more Carluccio’s are scheduled stateside 2017.


Carluccio’s, Alexandria, Virginia


HH-305 European Cut White Oak: Boards come from the same fashion of through-sawn logs, which display the full range of grain and knots that was present in the live tree. The through-sawing is the same as Whip Sawn, the difference is  that the faces of these planks have been planed smooth. The floor planks will still display the full range of beautiful character as the Whip Sawn floors.

Euro Cut White Oak is available FSC® Certified

Offered in Solid and Engineered ¾” x 8”,10” & 12”

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