Briccole: From the Venice, Italy Canals

Eternal Venice, the “bricole” and their double life: a past immerged in the water and the future as a promise for design. The famous poles that mark the navigation of the ships, are sculpted by the “Teredine Navale”, a mollusk that, through a patient work made of perfectly round holes, leaves the sign of its passage, giving the wood a particular and incredible design. Bozovich is our direct distributor for the Briccole collection. ¬†Our processing methods allow us to reuse Briccole for new practical purposes such as flooring, paneling, etc. Our contribution is to the environment by keeping our commitment to ¬†reuse materials otherwise intended for disposal. Contact our Sales Department for further information on Briccole.

Bibione Palace Hotel, Bibione


Private Residence


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