American White Oak


Character Rift Qtrd. White Oak White Oak (Thumbnail)American White Oak (Quercus Spp) – May reach 100′ in height and have a trunk of 36” in diameter. The lumber planks are on average 4’ – 14’ long and 4” – 12” wide.

Distribution: Eastern U.S.A. and South Eastern Canada

General Characteristics Flat Sawn: Varies in color from pale yellow-brown to biscuit with a pinkish tint, similar to European Oak. Sapwood is white to cream. Appalachian Oak is slow grown producing lightweight, mild wood, but southern states produce fast grown oak with wider growth rings, and a harder, tougher timber. Medium to coarse textured, with a distinction between the evolution of early wood (light) and summer wood (dark).

Hardness/Janka: Janka: 1210 (6% softer than Northern Red Oak)

Grain: Open, with longer rays than Red Oak. Occasional crotches, swirls and burls. Boards have a plumed or flared grain appearance, commonly called Cathedral.

Variations Within Species and Grades: Moderate variation among boards in color and grain texture, the wider and longer the board, the richer the range. The anatomy of your floor is as unique as your own DNA.

Customized Species and Grades: Infinite possibilities available to achieve a look as unique as you.