A Year in Retrospect

A Year in Retrospect


2014 A Year in Retrospect………

Our inspiration for the HH flooring line was borrowed from another time, but with every bell and techno whistle known to manufacturing.  The resulting works feature a tangible relief and depth that would otherwise have been a chance encounter with Mother Earth. This collaboration created a unique iteration; Whip Sawn Flooring.™

Before the green movement, the beauty of wood was most often defined by perfection, that is happening still, but to a lesser degree. In the HH Series, featured in our calendar, the method used for cutting logs is called live-sawing.  Live-sawing yields more lumber, a higher percentage of boards with quartering, and preserved  heartwood centers. Roughly 14% of these eccentrics-of-nature-boards wouldn’t be up-cycled but, we cherish them for our HH Whip Sawn™  collections. Eliminating these boards would be like throwing away the caterpillar in favor of the butterfly.

2015 New Year…….

Look for the launch of our Urban Verde Flooring with its pay-it-forward agenda of sustainability sans the buzz. That is, sustainability without the sanctimony. Urban Verde Flooring is  more than sourcing FSC fiber, it is about reducing our eco footprint through enhanced manufacturing processes and consumption along with our enduring generation-skipping finishes. We mean to rock this floor!

Happy New Year…..

So, raise  a glass to yourself and to each other and grasp the stem of  personal and professional success.  May we affirm the differences in each other. Creativity flourishes in our diversity, not in our similarities.

This year we lost a beloved salesman to cancer, but an anecdote from him lives on.  When Mark was managing the disappointment of a client as relates to the different characteristics from one board to the other, he quipped “let me take it up with the manufacturer, ‘God why did you make all the trees different’?”



Lorraine Heppner

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